You Make The Sun Rise


Harmonic Motion Mix - Progressive House

TouchyFinger Mix - Trance

Original Mix - Trance

Andy Allder Mix - House    

Hollway featuring Lou Van Stone.

Hollway, Lou Van Stone, Andy Allder
Mixes include : Original / Harmonic Motion / Andy Allder / TouchyFinger


by Lou Van Stone and EDM producer HOLLWAY, is serviced with four major remixes, covering tech house, uplifting trance, progressive and Nu-NRG.

You Make The Sun Rise - Harmonic Motion Mix
Lou Van Stone takes the vocal reins for this progressive house belter. The bell-like quality of her voice, spine-shivering harmonies and lungs that can sustain a note for longer than anyone in the industry are platformed here in the Harmonic Motion mix. Juicy Italian house piano chords are complemented by popcorn beats: a frothy blend on top of which sits one of the most dazzling and unique vocalists on the scene.

You Make The Sun Rise – TouchyFinger Mix
The TouchyFinger offering pumps out a bank of big strings shot through with a distinctly Nu-NRG vibe. Lou Van Stone weaves an incredibly rich and complex tapestry of vocals, sitting perfectly on top of a surging, swirling battery of mid-tones.

You Make The Sun Rise – Original Mix
The Original Mix incorporates arps and synth stabs from the late 90s, updating them for 2014. This uplifting trance mix storms along at 139 BPM and celebrates the spectacular dawns that hit packed Ibizan dancefloors, sonically moving through the inspiring rise, rush and peak of a clubber’s dawn. Lou Van Stone’s trippy vocal hooks are threaded throughout. A huge climb and belting techno drop are guaranteed to lift the roof off: the perfect Mediterranean summer anthem.

You Make The Sun Rise – Andy Allder Mix
This Tech House mix, crafted by the inimitable Andy Allder, interweaves an old skool pounding bass riff with stripped down vocals from songstress, Lou Van Stone and a trendy topline. A very chilled and assured treatment, this tech house romper unleashes a gut-busting, bass- pumping drop that will send the cool kids into a hipster frenzy. Andy Allder has remixed almost every pop and dance act around from Pink and The Sugababes to Tall Paul and Mac Zimms, most recently providing one of the official remixes for the forthcoming Lady Gaga release. Here, he goes back to his underground roots to service an uber-stylish tech house hit.