"Lou’s celestial voice connects me instantly to the realm of the angels. Truly truly beautiful. Thank you Lou for bringing heaven to earth through your music"

- Prem Williams, Sacred Earth

"I believe that once in every millennium, God brings forth a voice that can surpass all others and bring those who want to listen, closer to the Divine. 

- Paul Bulbert

Lou's classical training as a soprano and jazz singer allows her full creative expression, using her stunningly unique vocalisation, which spans a 5-octave range.


As an internationally renowned celestial singer, multi-instrumentalist, conscious channel, sound healer and composer, Lou deeply moves and transforms audiences worldwide with her soaring, ethereal voice. 


This sonic priestess and shaman cuts through the clutter of the mind and the body’s congested emotions, with potent channeled light language transmissions. 


Intimately personal, soft yet powerful, relaxing yet energising, spontaneous yet purposeful.  Attending a performance by Lou at some of the biggest Conscious Music Events and Festivals is reported by many to result in a profound metamorphosis at a deep, cellular level.


This is truly music from The Beyond.  Prepare to be transported to other dimensions.


One-On-One Celestial Sound Healing Sessions with Lou can be custom-tailored to the specific, most pressing needs you have at the time.


Having overcome numerous challenges and obstacles within her own life allows Lou to be empathic with the suffering of others.  She would be delighted to be able to assist you with your process along your Life’s Eternal Journey.