One on One In Person Sound Healing Session

At Lou's magical Healing Space.


Enter an exquisite, tranquil healing space nestled between three mountains, as birds and rainforest creatures contribute to your session with their song.  The energy is transformative and dances with the music I bring through.


In a state of pure channel, I will act as a bridge between you and divine source energy.  Strengthening your connection and empowering you on your own spiritual journey.  I will take you through a soothing guided relaxation and then bring through spontaneous, original, channeled music that carries your own personal blueprint and contains within its matrix, powerful information via light language, light codes and specific sonic frequencies.  You can choose to work around any issue, or area of your life that you wish to receive healing and guidance for.  Or you can simply trust that ‘All Of Source’ will do whatever work is needed for you.


You will receive a download, or CD of your 100% unique healing soundtrack, so you can connect deeply into this specially designed music whenever you want.  You can use it for meditation, relaxation, inspiration, guidance or to purify and create a harmonious space in your home, or wherever you are. 


Your journey with the music will continue to unfold, long after your session has ended.  Some of my clients have reported that they play to their special music created in the session every day and get more from it every time they listen.


Price: $220, includes a recording of your session and your own unique personalised Soul Song Music and messages.  Plus beautiful birdsong and nature sounds captured live in the rainforest during your session.

One on One In Person Sound Healing

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