Celestial Singer and Sound Healer


What People Are Saying



 "Lou’s celestial voice connects me instantly to the realm of the angels. Truly truly beautiful. Lou’s music is perfect for yoga, meditation, massage, finding inner peace and simply reminding me of my inner light and truth. Thank you Lou for bringing heaven to earth through your music, I am very grateful."



“Sitting here tonight listening to Lou’s CD, tears pouring down again, oh gosh...I feel inadequate to write something that comes close to encapsulating what Lou does and the gift she has given me, but here goes:
Enveloped in Colour, Incantations, vibrations, integration, a blending, flow, devotional, abiding harmony, the joining of masculine and feminine, sanctuary - A lullaby from the Divine Mother,
God, Goddess, All That Is. An Aria for the Soul and pure driven BEAUTY.  These are the words and feelings that came to me as I entered the sacred space that Lou creates with her voice and her music.
I have had a "hole in my heart" for over 40 years, it's gone now-- no longer a cold, sad wind whistling through it.  A profound healing has taken place through her music and I am forever changed.  Blessings on Lou & her work.”